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Valerie Holbert

valerieValerie Holbert, CHC, HHC, RYT

Certified Health Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher






After over 20 years of navigating my own healing journey from trauma, autoimmune disease and chronic pain, I made the leap from the world of graphic design and publishing to follow my heart and my soul calling to become a healer and help others on their journey towards balance, joy, and vitality. Like all leaps of faith, it was a bit scary in mid-air, but worth it to get to the other side.

A long-time student of yoga, I began teaching in studio classes, workshops, schools and private practice in 2012. Yoga was and is an integral part of my healing journey—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through my yoga training and personal practice along with changes in diet, lifestyle and stress management, I have changed my relationship with and experience of chronic pain and strive to help others do the same. My personal experiences combined with holistic health coaching, yogic principles and practices along with education and intention around food and toxins, has created my integrative, nourishing approach to balance and healing—always guided by the individual goals of each client.

I have led workshops on Yoga and Chronic Pain, Yoga for Curves and Yoga Tune Up BallsTM that all focus on tools to help empower students to manage and reduce stress and pain on their own path to healing. In the workshops, we incorporate gentle and restorative yoga, breath, guided imagery, mantra, Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meditation, Ayurveda, journaling and more all with the goal of bringing the body, mind and spirit to better balance.

Yoga Tune UpTM Balls are a tool to help people find ways to manage and decrease pain through release in connective tissue, where we may hold both physical and emotional pain. My Yoga for Curves workshops reach out to people of all shapes and sizes, especially those who feel that yoga is not for “their body” or might avoid yoga in a traditional studio setting.

All of the tools and practices used in workshops and classes can be applied in one-on-one coaching in a way that meets the needs and goals of individual clients.

My full practice, Nourish, brings full circle my holistic training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, ACE Health Coaching certification, Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist certification, and my commitment to safe products through Beautycounter to provide holistic and tailored guidance to each client.

Nourishment is more than just the food that we fuel our bodies with and the choices we make about what we put on our skin. It’s about what nourishes us on a deeper level…career, relationships, exercise, spirituality, recreation and fun (don’t forget the fun!). It’s about nourishing our souls, not just our cells—sometimes we need a little help to find clarity and implement steps to reach our goals.

By working together to assess where you are and where you want to be in all of these areas, we co-create completely personalized action plans based on your individual goals to move toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.

As your coach, it’s my goal to put the power back in your hands—because the power has been there all along.

Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it…Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” Brené Brown


Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Black Mountain Yoga

Certified Yoga Therapist, Black Mountain Yoga

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Health Coach, American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor, Asheville Yoga

BA Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Additional training:

RYT 500 hour Yoga Instructor certification, Asheville Yoga Center (In Progress)

Yoga and Psychology, Black Mountain Yoga

Connected Warriors, Yoga for Veterans

Yoga and Trauma, Asheville Yoga Center

Yin Yoga, Asheville Yoga Center

Yoga and the Sutras, Asheville Yoga Center

Yoga Touch Method, Black Mountain Yoga


• Individual & Group Health Coaching

• Identifying and Managing Food Allergies and Sensitivities

• Elimination Diets & Cleansing

• Diet, Stress and Lifestyle changes to Manage Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Conditions

• Therapeutic Yoga for Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Conditions

• Private, Group & Corporate Yoga (Flow, Restorative and Yin)

• Fascia Release with Yoga Tune Up BallsTM

• EFT/Tapping

• Gluten-Free & Healing Diets such as AIP, Medical Medium, Paleo

• Customized Personal, Group & Corporate Wellness Plans

• Patient Education & Advocacy

• Pantry Makeovers, Menu Planning, Grocery Store Tours

• Safe Beauty & Skincare Products free of toxins and endocrine disruptors